February 13th, 2010


The Mystery Knight (extract)

"Там" вышла антология "The Warriors". В ней, в частности, есть новый рассказ Мартина про Дунка и Эга, The Mystery Knight. Вот тут опубликовали (спасибо grrm за ссылочку :) кусочек из него (на английском):

A light summer rain was falling as Dunk and Egg took their leave of Stoney Sept.

Dunk rode his old warhorse Thunder, with Egg beside him on the spirited young palfrey he'd named Rain, leading their mule Maester. On Maester's back were bundled Dunk's armor and Egg's books, their bedrolls, tent, and clothing, several slabs of hard salt beef, half a flagon of mead, and two skins of water. Egg's old straw hat, wide-brimmed and floppy, kept the rain off the mule's head. The boy.had cut holes for Maester's ears. Egg's new straw hat was on his own head. Except for the ear holes, the two hats looked much the same to Dunk.

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