October 6th, 2010


Кровь на ваших руках

Что-то ностальгия накрыла. :) Лучший ролевой клип всех времён и народов.

   Noldor, blood is on your hands
Your bane's a tearful destiny
Black clouds will carry rain of blood
I've seen it rain

We were lost on grinding ice
In fear and hunger
Dead winter reigned in Araman

You can't escape from my damnation
Nor run away from isolation
Guilty spoke the one
This deed can't be undone
Hear my words, fear my curse

I know where the stars glow
And the sky's unclouded
Sweet the water runs my friend
But Noldor, blood is on your hands
Tears unnumbered, you will shet and dwell in pain

Dead winter reigns
And tomorrow's still unknown
Lies condemned and betrayed
Now everything is said