Vasily Zakharov (jolaf) wrote,
Vasily Zakharov

Напьёмся все! :–)

И похмелье тоже будет у всех. Тяжёлое. Смотреть последнюю строчку. :)

Your LJ friends on New Years Eve by shinikami
Will get drunk before 7:00 PMgreengriffin
Will want to kiss youmittwoch
Will drag everyone out to kareokedormouse_jenny
Will start screaming an jumping at midnightkoledin
Will start the first food fight of the yearacrob
Will crack jokes about not seeing you all yeareleris
Will get creepy about noisemakersundad
Will threaten to dramatically kill themselfnikodim
Will whine about not being able to go to NYCgreyelf
Will start counting at least five minutes awaysimonff
Will have the worst hangover the next dayrpg_friends
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