Vasily Zakharov (jolaf) wrote,
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Пеленнорская битва :–)

Lord Denethor, your castle "Minas Tirith" is under attack!

Necromancer against Knight

Orcs do 3000 damage. 300 Gondorian Paladins perish.
Move Faramir here.
Gandalf's Staff does 1234 damage. 500 Orcs perish.
Nazgul's deadly cries lower the army's morale.
Gondorian Archers do 500 damage.
Move Mumakil here.
Grond does 2000 damage.
Low morale causes the Archers to freeze in panic.
Catapult does 1000 damage. Grond does 2000 damage.
Gandalf goes around the City Circles. The morale is boosted from "Treason" to "Average".
Mumakil do 300 damage. 100 Archers from Morthond perish.
Archers do 500 damage. Two Mumakil perish.
Luck shines on Grond: Grond does 3000 damage. The Gates crumble.
Rohirrim do 10000 damage. 5000 orcs perish.
Orcs do 3000 damage. 1500 Rohirrim perish.
Eowyn does 300 damage. One Fell Beast perishes
The Nazgul does 130 damage. Eowyn: wounded.
Halfling does 1 damage. Low morale causes the Nazgul to freeze in panic.
Eowyn does 100 damage. One Nazgul perishes.
Move one Ranger, one Elf, one Battle Dwarf here.
Move 10000 ghosts here.
Ghosts do 100k damage. 20 mumakil perish.

Congratulations! You are victorious!

© Мария Артамонова
Tags: fun

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