Vasily Zakharov (jolaf) wrote,
Vasily Zakharov

And the demon's whip...

And the demon's whip
(кликабельно, 120 KB)
Black candles slowly burning, white fangs and flashing eyes
Hell’s wind and incantations summon living fire
From the misery and sadness of the molten seas of Hell
Mystic love and mystic symbols in evil dreams there dwell
A deadly drink a meal of hearts now sacrifice and die
In darkness and destruction behold the evil eye
And the demon’s whip!

Картинка – это снимок Солнца (сентябрь 2000), запощен puziko в ru_cosmos

Цитата – © ManOwaR, полный текст тут.

Такие вот ассоциации. :)
Tags: photo, quotes, space

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